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So you’ve bought something from a manufacturer but they don’t deliver. They want you to pick the product up yourself from their factory. How on Earth are you going to do that? Well you are going to call us and sign up for our Ex-Works service, because that is exactly what it is for. We can pick your product up from wherever you like and deliver it safe and sound to your doorstep without breaking the bank.

At SPC, our knowledge and strong partner relationships within the freight industry allow us to offer customers reliable, flexible, and cost-effective Ex-works shipping solutions, whether your needs are for domestic or international  cargo transport services.

Combining our knowledge of both domestic and international shipping laws with our efficient and tested supply chain, we can elevate your  logistics experience and take some of the worry off of your mind. We can save you time and money throughout the entire logistics processes.

If you’re looking for safe, reliable and well-priced Ex-works service then give us a call or pop in and see us and we will be happy to sit down and talk with you and help you find the solution that is right for you and right for your pocket. Our staff are here to help you get on with the more important parts of your life and your business by taking care of the nuts and bolts of all of your logistics needs

What is Ex-Works?

Ex Works (EXW) is an international trade term that describes an agreement in which the seller is required to make goods ready for pickup at his or her own place of business. All other transportation costs and risks are assumed by the buyer.

This arrangement is extremely favorable to the seller at the buyer’s expense. The seller is only responsible for packaging the goods and making them available at a designated location, such as the seller’s warehouse. He or she must also help the buyer obtain export licenses or other necessary documentation, but at the buyer’s expense.

This is of course where we come in.




When you entrust your Ex-Works cargo with us you can rest easy that it will be picked up and delivered to you safely and quickly. All of our shipping partners are the best in the business and will ensure a quality experience.


One thing we are very proud of at SPC is our friendly staff and their attention to detail. When you order your freight through us you will get a very personalised experience as we make you one of the family.


Whether you are opting for air freight only or our full door-to-door service you can guarantee that all vehicles used are top quality and modern vehicles and they won’t let you down

Package Tracking

Our staff will help keep you up to speed with how your package is doing at every step along the way so you’ll never feel in the dark again