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Marine Insurance

As we all know, when shipping goods across the world, sometimes the unthinkable can happen. It doesn’t matter how hard you work at reducing risk, there is always the small chance that the worst will happen: Your product is damaged, or lost. Although small, it is still a very real possibility and it often pays to be prepared. The old adage of “better safe than sorry” could have been made for insurance as insuring your cargo before shipment can give you that peace of mind just in case the worst does happen. 

At SPC, our knowledge and strong partner relationships within the freight industry allow us to offer customers reliable, flexible, and cost-effective marine insurance for all or part of your shipment

Combining our knowledge of both domestic and international shipping laws with our efficient and tested supply chain, we can elevate your sea logistics experience and take some of the worry off of your mind. We can save you time and money throughout the entire sea freight process.

If you’re looking for solid, reliable and well-priced marine insurance then give us a call or pop in and see us and we will be happy to sit down and talk with you and help you find the insurance package that is right for you and right for your pocket. Our staff are here to help you get on with the more important parts of your life and your business by taking care of the nuts and bolts of all of your logistics needs



When you choose to take out marine insurance through our partners, you know that you can relax and forget about your shipment safe in the knowledge that if the worst does ever happen you will be fully covered.


One thing we are very proud of at SPC is our friendly staff and their attention to detail. When you order your insurance through us you will get a very personalised experience as we make you one of the family.


Our insurance packages are purchased through only the best insurance companies and tailored to your specific ocean shipping situation, which means that you can be sure that your cargo is fully covered at all times.

Package Tracking

Our staff will help keep you up to speed with how your package is doing at every step along the way so you’ll never feel in the dark again